The nature of the transition “from deformation to destruction”

Using the example of a classic bearing force problem, an analysis was performed on the assumption that deformation and destruction do not need to be viewed as separate phenomena, but that destruction can be taken as the end stage of a path of deformation. The results clearly: ① reproduced phenomena such as the progressive onset of an obvious circular slip line with the increase of the displacement control load on the structure foundation, and then the fall off in load (load softening) that followed; ② showed that differences in initial conditions such as the state and the initial irregularities of the soil, or the presence or absence of friction in the load, have an influence on the ultimate load and on the destruction state.

  1. Noda,T., Asaoka, A. and Yamda, S. (2007): Some bearing capacity characteristics of a structured naturally deposited clay soil. Soils & Foundations, Vol.47, No.2, pp.285-301.