International conferences

3rd International Conference on Geotechnique, Construction Materials and Environment, GEOMATE 2013 (Japan, Nagoya, November)

  1. Simulation and prediction of large-settlement in ultra-soft peat ground by deducing the in-situ initial conditions considering artesian pressure.
  2. Development of SPH method with an elasto-plastic constitutive model considering soil skeleton structure and its application to excavation problems.

18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 18th ICSMGE (France, Paris, September 2013)

  1. Prediction of and countermeasures for embankment-related settlement in ultra-soft ground containing peat.
  2. Dependency of nonuniform ground surface liquefaction damage on organization and slope of deep strata.
  3. Interpretation of mechanical behavior of cement-treated dredged soil based on soil skeleton structure.
  4. Oscillation of Acceleration Accompanying Shear Band and Subsequent Time-Dependent Behavior in Overconsolidated Clay under Undrained Plane-Strain Conditions.
  5. Simulation of Delayed Failure in Naturally Deposited Clay Ground by Soil-water Coupled Finite Deformation Analysis Taking Inertial Forces into Consideration.
  6. Seismic stability assessment of a steel plate fabricated column constructed on liquefiable grounds with different soil-layer profiles.
  7. Interpretation of the Effect of Compaction on the Mechanical Behavior of Embankment Materials Based on the Soil Skeleton Structure Concept.
  8. Effect of Seismic Waves with Different Dominant Frequencies on the Delayed Failure Behavior of a Soil Structure-Ground System.