International Conference

International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and Sciences, ICCES’ 12 (Greece, Crete, March 2012)

  1. Seismic stability assessment of a structure constructed on liquefiable ground with different soil-layer profiles.

6th International Workshop for New Frontiers in Computational Geotechnics (IWS-Takayama, Japan, Takayama, May 2012)

  1. Inertia effect on deformation and subsequent triggered acceleration during shear band in overconsolidated clay.
  2. A three-dimensional analysis of gas-governor located on a liquefiable soft ground.Numerical simulation of failure behavior of naturally deposited clay soil with dynamic motion
  3. .The effect of stratigraphic composition and dip of deeper layer on the occurrence of subsurface liquefaction.
  4. Shearing behavior of embankment materials and seismic response analysis of embankments with different compaction properties.