The GEOASIA Research Society

The Research Society was founded in 2006 with the aim of working for ongoing improvements in the general geo-analysis program GEOASIA® (All Soils All States All Round Geo-analysis Integration), and also, through the dissemination of this program, of enhancing the academic and social status of specialists engaged in the general area of science and technology having to do with the time-history analysis of geomechanical responses (below: “general science and technology”).


  1. The Society carries out surveys, collects data, and holds seminars, research presentations, exhibitions and other events to ensure ongoing improvements in the GEOASIA® program through the solving of theoretical and practical problems in geomechanics and geotechnology.
  2. Educational and certification activities are carried out to assist Society members to a deeper understanding of geomechanical and geotechnical principles through a command of the GEOASIA® program, and the title of “GEOASIA® Master” is awarded to members completing a separately specified course of education.
  3. Finally, at various levels of public administration, in enterprises, and in institutions such as universities, assistance is given in geo-engineering survey and design work, and in technical and research development, through the performance of survey and research assignments, the supplying of information and technical guidance, and not least the diffusion of the program itself, thus opening perspectives that would be inaccessible without the use of GEOASIA®.
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Representative director (President) Akira Asaoka (Senior research advisor, the Association for the Development of Earthquake Prediction (reg. foundation); Emeritus professor, Nagoya University )
Directors Masaki Nakano
Toshihiro Noda
(Professor, Nagoya University)
(Professor, Nagoya University)
Supervisor Takeshi Kodaka (Professor, Meijo University)


(the second phase)

Eiji Yamada
Shotaro Yamada
Kentaro Nakai
Mutsumi Tashiro

Takayuki Sakai
Takahiro Yoshikawa
Toshihiro Nonaka
Administrator Tetsuro Kibe
Vice-secretary General Toshihiro Takaine
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  • TEL 052-789-3834 FAX 052-789-3836 or 4624
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